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SOMETIMES we forget the gardens hiding behind the famous city. In California, the United States alone, at least there is a forest or the Redwood National Park is very shady. Here, you can create a tent. Land and river flow was easy to get to the bottom downstream. Throughout the year, tourists usually go on in the spring and fall. Winter or rainy season is not a good time to visit.

Trees and bushy plants covered an area of ??53.412 hectares is before there is illegal logging. First, Redwood Park area could reach 809 371 hectares. Vehicles that can be used to have great power, like an RV or trailer. There are three areas of interest in Redwood Park. The first is Jedediah Smith, Del Norte Coast and there and the last is the Prairie Creek made ??in 1968.

Redwood National Park is located along the Redwood Highway. From the south, could be via U.S. 101 (information center near Orick, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of Eureka). From the north, go through the Crescent City.