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IF you are one of the 8.9 million tourists who visited Seoul last year, you probably know how hard it is to find a hotel room during peak holiday season. Especially for businesses, certainly very reluctant to compete with the tourists who also want to settle for a few days in the State Ginseng. But now Conrad Hotels, Hilton Worldwide network, opened the Conrad Seoul Yeouido District on 12 November.

This hotel is perfect for business as well as offering great views, high ceilings, also available access to the subway and the airport is relatively close to Seoul. This eco-friendly hotel has solar panels and use the gray water in toilets. Grey water is the water the rest of the regular disposal of used water from washing, bathing or washing dishes.

The hotel has 434 rooms and is now a luxury hotel near to Gimpo and Incheon International Airport in Seoul. The Conrad Seoul also connects to Yeouido Station, where the subway line 5 and 9 together.

As a promotion, the hotel offers a package called luxury to be yourself‘ where guests will be able to choose between a free breakfast or room upgrade. The Seoul Conrad added three new restaurants that bar and restaurant Grill 37, an Italian restaurant Atrio, and fusion restaurant Zest

One more new hotels opened in Bali. This one is called The Stone Kuta. As the name suggests, the hotel is located directly in front of the busiest beaches in Bali, Kuta. So for the guests, did not have to walk far to get to the beach. Living across the street, tourists can directly step on the white sands of Kuta Beach.

The hotel is easy to reach, about 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Tourists can hire a taxi or bus to drive to Hotel Stones. detikTravel opportunity to attend the soft launch of The Stone Kuta is still the network’s JW Marriott on Sunday (28/10/2012) yesterday. The Stone Kuta promising different colors. Iconic architecture combined with an eclectic appearance Bali Legian area does make the hotel building looks different.

There are 308 rooms and 22 suites with stylist design. Each room is equipped with 42-inch LED television, nuanced natural rain shower, Wifi, and a Bose iPod docking station. Although the room is not too big, but enough to live comfortably. Moreover, the building is new so everything is clean and completely new.

Minimalist room design made with soft colors like brown and off white. Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Marie Elka Pangestu was praised at the soft opening of Stones Kuta Hotel some time ago.

“The design highlight the creative economy,” he said.

But unfortunately not many hotel offers nice views of the guest rooms. View the most cool just a large swimming pool. Even the guests on the floor of one room in particular is behind almost no entertainment other than rooms with amenities. Once the window curtains open, guests will find the only path to the divider wall. No other flower garden or landscape. But in a room with a view of the pool, guests will have more amenities such as a wading pool right in front of the room or bath on the balcony.

The hotel also provides a range of facilities for business interests from ballroom to the meeting room. Suitable for exhibitions, conventions, and social events. Rooms at The Stone is priced at USD 144-266

BURJ Al Arab now has a new aquarium. However, it is certainly not a regular aquarium. With innovative decor, aquarium accommodates a variety of exotic fish species. Aquarium has recently undergone this transformation also looks beautiful with sophisticated lighting systems, artificial rocks, and a new filtration system.

Inevitably, this aquarium beauty captured the attention of the tourists who come, both domestic and foreign. To that end, a marine biologist Dubai also reap praise for successfully presenting this aquarium. Unlike commercial aquarium in general, at the Burj Al Arab aquarium have quarantine facilities that maintain the health of fish. We’re really trying to keep the stamina of fish by providing them adequate environment, approaching their natural habitat in the ocean,” said Warren Baverstock, Aquarium Operations Manager.

Habitat in this tank holds about 4,000 fish including bamboo sharks and zebra.

Burj Al Arab has three aquariums. Two located on two sides of the hotel lobby and one was in a seafood restaurant Al Mahara

BUNKER is a kind of military defense structure which is usually built underground. Now, after the war, bunkers are certainly not worth it anymore. That is why some parties use it as a place to sleep. For instance bunker in Albania were converted into hotel accommodation for tourists. Many bunker built during World War I and II.

During the Cold War, large bunkers built to anticipate the possibility of nuclear war. At first glance, spending the night in a Communist-era bunker might not sound like a convenient option.

However, the legacy of past rocky Albania has turned into a tourist spot. Initially, the bunker with a gray dome built for hundreds of thousands of people sheltering from the threat of invasion. Now, the bunker was restored into a hotel with works of art. Bunker is located in the northern region Lezhe Albania, some 44 miles from the capital city of Tirana and can be used as a place of lodging.

The hotel is actually part of a project by the German architecture students and Albania. ‘Bed & Bunker’ was officially launched last week in an effort to change the negative image of the bunker. Mentioned on their Facebook account,” Albania varied landscape, the people are relaxed and great weather will be able to transform the bunker into viable destination for tourists who like to travel to remote areas.” Read the rest of this entry »

Legendary actress does have a big influence though has long passed away. Now in his honor, a build Marilyn Monroe Suite, precisely in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

In August 1962, the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe spread throughout the world. Now, 50 years later, Hollywood still remember his figure.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, which is touted as a residence Monroe for 2 years, the location of Monroe’s early career. Now, the hotel launched a package of Marilyn Monroe Romance.

This package is valid now until 31 December, including watching movies in rooms accompanied Monroe legendary chocolate truffles. Guests can also sunbathe on the lounge chairs beside the pool, two cocktails Marilyn, breakfast on the balcony, and the Marilyn exhibit admission.

Maketh the name Marilyn Monroe as the package indicates that the figure is still very interested in the community. In the hotel there is also a swimming pool Tropicana Pool, the place where the first Marilyn posing as a model. To add to the ambience, the hotel wall lined Marilyn photographs so that the guests will feel familiar with the most famous women in history.