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hepworthIF you look at the outside, this building looks like a castle with a roof slanted. Then, you try to look into, what is more unique than ever before? It seems there are many many stone and bronze sculptures are strange here. With flows of U.S. $ 58 million, all artists from various arts organizations in the UK this year had the opportunity to work in West Yorkshire geleri Hepworth Wakefield (

Wakefield named because in 1968, a sculptor Barbara Hepworth opened its largest art gallery in the City of London, England, Hayward Gallery. This proves that there are many places in the UK exhibition of modern sculptures. There are about 44 types of sculpture in plaster and encased in aluminum. There are also pieces of Hepworth’s work that has been completed and exhibited in the old Wakefield Art Gallery

Near Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is also there ( which offers a variety of local and foreign works of art. One of the very fine statue was made ??by sculptor Jaume Plensa Spaniard.