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2010_11_19_09_56_02_GivingCELEBRATES Thanksgiving Day, one corner of the City of New York would be colorful. If November 25th is one day when you are enjoying a holiday in New York, then do not miss visiting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. During the event you can see a lot of clowns, unique decorated vehicles, marching bands and many celebrities. There are also various forms of giant helium balloons floating in the air and certainly will steal much of your attention.

This parade route starts from 77th Street and then down to Central Park West to Columbus Circle. The journey did not stop there, the parade will continue to Broadway and then to 34th Street, and ends at 7th Avenue.

Because it would be very crowded, you should be prepared early on to seek a strategic place. As a recommendation, the best there is at Columbus Circle and Times Square, but there are also good views from Duffy Square (7th Avenue to 46th Street).

2010_11_16_04_42_44_KokiPunta del Este, Uruguay on the south coast, famous for its vast beaches, swimsuits, and glamor. However, since the entry of November, you are being and will vacation in Punta del Este will get a new treat food festivals.

Some of the best chefs in the area of Punta del Esta has opened a restaurant in the corners of the city. However, entering the month of November, especially on Saturdays, chefs from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and the United States will appear in Punta del Este Food and Wine Festival.

On 20 November, Ben Ford from Ford Grilling Station in Los Angeles, along with Toshio Tomita of Nobu and chef Gaston Yelicich Uruguay will cook dinner at the Hotel del Lago. Each dish is served at the Hotel del Lago will be paired with wines from Bodega Uruguayan viognier Garzon including the newly launched.

Are there any interesting festival at a temple in Bangkok, particularly at Wat Saket? In this golden temple Loy Kratong Festival there which usually lasts for 9 days in late October until mid-November.

The festival is held right at the time of full moon, where at the dome of the Temple of Wat Saket is wrapped in red cloth which is being likened to a volcano erupting with marked a carnival, food stalls, theatrical performances and circus animals in the vicinity.

Wat Saket is one of the famous temple complex at the bottom of the hill. The temple is built in the Ayutthaya era called Wat Sakae. Later renamed by Rama I in 1782-1809. Read the rest of this entry »

2010_09_14_04_07_11_BirPlanning a vacation to Munich, Germany, to come to Oktoberfest which will begin September 18-October 4?. Here are eight things you should do at the Oktoberfest, as suggested

1. Check the biggest tent
If you visit the main area, make sure to visit the big tent. Lwenbru and Winzerer Fhndl not be missed.

2. Learn some equivalent word
You certainly do not want to get stuck in the tent without being able to communicate with others. Here are some pedanan words, so you can stay on track.

Biddscheen: please

Heisl: toilet Read the rest of this entry »

2010_09_03_04_08_26_MLTSoon Muslims around the world will welcome the Idul Fitri holidays. If you happen to be at the celebrations were in English, try to come to East London, Eid Festival 2010.

Festival which will take place on 12 September was hosted by the East London Mosque and the show will start at 11:00 to 18:00 time setmpat. Various activities filled with fun and goods can be nuanced Islami you find here.

At the festival, you can walk through the market and try to bargain with craft objects of Islamic art, perfume, books to various fashion accessories. All this is in one way.

Some games such as Helter Skelter, planes, trains and auto-mobiles you can also try at this festival. In addition, you can also indulge your appetite with delicious food such as biryani, burgers, and cake. Read the rest of this entry »