DO NOT claim if you have not dared to try Dinoconda, who is in China Dinosaur Land. Roller coaster is not the fastest in the world, but Dinoconda included as one of the most horrific.Path length reaches up to 1.058 m with a height of 79m. 4D is a roller coaster Dinoconda first in China. It is located about 200km from Shanghai.

Your courage will be tested while sliding on a track that is almost vertical 90 degrees, and the most extreme is when you rotate 720 degrees in the air. Both are performed with a period of about 2 minutes. Not only that. In addition to the next slide, roller coaster will also be rolled back for 140 seconds at high speeds reaching 126 km / h.

The concept of four dimensions means that you will feel like from my seat slammed into the sky. During the coaster sped, your seat will continue to spin. Unlike the roller coaster in Indonesia which has a base footrests, while climbing Dinoconda your legs will hang with no foothold.

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