AQUA Expeditions ready to take your sailing yachts equipped cabins resemble living rooms five star hotel. You will not be invited to navigate the waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, but the Amazon River in Peru. Feel the sensation of sailing aboard a luxury browse remote region.

There are 16 suites for the passengers of the ship. You can enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the river without having to get out of bed. Each cabin is equipped with a translucent window width from floor to ceiling. You also can watch it on the lounge chairs are available. Ship support facilities such as jacuzzi, bar, and dining room with stunning views around. Meal provided were the work of Peru’s best chef who uses fresh ingredients to create a distinctive cuisine of Peru.

Other touches that make a special trip is added you will be picked up from the airport using a Mercedes Benz. While waiting for the cruise you can wait in a hostel with a comfortable sofa. Then when sailing, you and 31 other passengers will be served by 24 staff reliable. On the way, you can perform activities such as fishing, canoe ride, visit the mermaid rescue center, and go see the dolphins, birds, turtles, monkeys and other wildlife. English speaking guide equipped cruise that will accompany during the journey and teach about the flora and fauna around.

You also have the opportunity to interact with residents through visits to local villages. Amazon River cruise on the Aqua Expedition conducted using two types of vessels, namely M / V Aria and M / V Aqua is smaller and not equipped with jacuzzi

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