The Economist magazine named the city of Melbourne in Australia as ternyaman city in the world in 2011. It is conceivable, ternyaman city must also demand a high standard of living. Impact for tourists from Indonesia is a bloated budget – whether for accommodation, meals, and transportation.

However, do not let our desire to visit there until the tide. Below are 8 free attractions in Melbourne which can be visited.

1. City Circle tram
The tram is one of the transportation mainstay of this city, especially around the city center. To cater to tourists, the state government of Victoria has provided a tram around the city (city circle) that surrounds a free business center and downtown.

This tram route is Flinders Street> Harbour Esplanade> Docklands Drive> La Trobe Street> Victoria Street> Nicholson Street> Spring Street> Flinders Street and opposite direction. Information given in the tram attractions are skipped. I recommend you the first time to Melbourne for this free tram ride. You can ride the tram at the places marked “city circle”. It is very easy.

2. Shrine of Remembrance
This monument was erected to honor the soldiers who fought in World War I. The monument is surrounded by landscaped lawns and shady trees. Located not far from downtown and easily reached by tram. Its location is like a garden open to visitors freely in and out of this place.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens
Melbourne Botanical Gardens is located adjacent to the Shrine of Remembrance with an area 36 hectares. Here there are more than 50 thousand plants, and many of which are typical plants of Australia. Here there is also a Children’s Garden is made specifically for children to be free to play and learn.

4. Parliament House
The parliament building was formally used by the Council of State of Victoria. Located in the city center, exactly at Spring Street, it is very easy to reach by tram or train. During a board member is not in session, you can follow a tour of the building that became this cultural heritage.

5. Southbank
You may not go to Melbourne without a stroll along the Yarra River. As the name suggests, Southbank is located on the banks south of the river, where the cafes lining the sidewalk. If you feel the price of food and drink in the cafes are too expensive, do not be discouraged! You can buy coffee from shops that are cheaper and enjoy the garden chairs are widely available here.

6. Queen Victoria Market
There is no other place in Melbourne that can rival the Queen Victoria Market or commonly referred to VicMart affairs shop. If you do not feel like shopping, the streets of the market is also quite fun, really. VicMart selling souvenirs, clothes, vegetables, fruits and so forth. Do not be surprised if you meet the seller from Indonesia, for students who work part-time in the market. The market is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

7. Flinders Street Station
This railway station is one of the cultural icon of Melbourne. The station was built in 1854 this is the most used station in the city. Located on the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street, the station serves commuters who live in the suburbs who work in the city center.

8. St Kilda beach
The beach is also one of the icons ternyaman cities in the world. St Kilda beach is only located about 6 km from the city center. One of the hallmarks of this beach is a grassy gardens and palm trees around the beach, so when the sun is too hot you just take shelter under a tree while sitting on the grass.

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