EVERY women crave the perfect skin. To achieve perfection, women often make mistakes in treatment and tend to ignore the accurate information of the impact on health. Here are 9 mistakes in treating the skin according to the owner of Tru Skin Clinical Spa in Manhattan Jennifer Fifer:

1. Choosing cleaning products
Note the content of facial skin cleanser. Is the cause flaking? Choose products with less chemicals and avoid that contain SD-40, which is isopropyl alcohol. Because abortion can irritate acne prone skin and sensitive, causing redness, dryness, brown spots and premature aging.

2. Frequent exfoliation
Many skin care products face today have substance alpha hydroxy acids to fight wrinkles and fine lines. However, if done too often applying moisturizer in the morning and exfoliating cream at night at risk of skin thinning.

3. squeeze pimples
Remove your hands from acne, because it will break down the follicle walls which allow the bacteria to spread. Better to use a face mask that contains sulfur to reduce swelling.

4. Use of excess moisturizer
Women believe more use of moisturizer will keep the oxygen content in the skin. We recommend using a moisturizing product with water content above 50 percent.

5. Believes water can hydrate the skin
Do not just rely on water just to keep the skin moist. Instead consider foods with added dietary intake of essential fatty acids from avocado skin to shine.

6. Exposure to sunlight
Excessive sun exposure can cause acne. Use a sunscreen that contains zinc and titanium to protect the clogged pores.

7. Sleeping with makeup
Never sleep with makeup still on his face. Be sure to wash your face before bed. Because the skin repair itself at night.

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