IMPRESSIONS first when entering a city or state can be seen from the airport. That is why the airport was likened to the face of a city or state. Recognizing the importance of this airport, as if competing countries polish airport in its territory.

Here are 7 best airport in the world, as we have quoted from page

1. Barajas, Madrid
This is the most important international airports in Spain are located in the northeastern city of Madrid. Interestingly, this airport has a rich architecture. If you notice, the ceiling in the terminal 4 looks more manly and remarkable.

2. Dallas / Fort Worth, United States
DFW International Airport (Dallas / Fort Worth) Texas, there is a playground for children. Starting from the train swoopy, mini airstrip, where toy cars, planes, pesawatan until an air traffic control tower. In addition, here too there are souvenir shops chocolate Dayton, Ohio, who wrapped potato chips, the traditional pottery of Mata Ortiz Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, wood carving sculptures from outside Africa, Tambo, Johannesburg and many others.

3. Changi, Singapore
To relax, Changi International Airport provides a swimming pool, spa services, beauty salons, theaters, gaming PlayStation and cactus plants, ferns or orchids. Rates for a swim around $ 12.

4. San Francisco, USA
Maybe Boston Logan (BOS) and Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) first offers free Wi-Fi, but in all terminal outlets of San Francisco International Airport take it to a newer level. Well, for the local cuisine, you can enjoy it in the restaurant with a menu Anthony alder-planked sockeye salmon or to Custom Burgers.

5. Schiphol, Amsterdam
Almost every area in Amsterdam a few colored works of high art. This is one of the buildings visible from the Rijksmuseum (national museum) at Schiphol International Airport which offers free travel to the Dutch Golden Age.

6. Heathrow, London
For you ‘enthusiast’ shopping, in Heathrow, London there are many boutique shops and the famous handbags. One is a boutique-Jo Malone and Prada are not necessarily exist in any airport. For a hobby of reading, at the airport there are also bookstores independe, such as the Renaissance Book Shop, Powell’s Books and Book Sellers 2nd Edition.

7. Munich, Germany
Specifically in the terminal 2 of Munich, Germany there is a service with the technology so cangih, where you can ask for anything simply by touching a screen. For example saka looking for tourist information or just order a beer.

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