bulgari hotelHotels no longer become a temporary haven for tourists who vacation. This is the basis for the establishment of a mix of Balinese-style luxury hotel and peace Italy in the middle of Bali locals. Luxury hotel called the Bulgari Resort Bali is located in Uluwatu, and is specifically built for the tourists who seek privacy wrapped in luxury service.

Bulgari Resort Bali Building is equipped with volcanic stones, exotic woods, the weeds are deliberately allowed to grow to add a natural impression, not to mention every entrance to the villa are decorated by bronze lanterns. Entrance to the resort is inspired by traditional Balinese courtyard typical. The placement of each bedroom villa overlooking the sea will increase with the placement of unique bathroom intentionally open to the sky.

The more complete the perfection of each villa has an area of ??330 to 550 m2, in which there is a family room, open dining room, patios and plunge pool. In addition, there is a large bedroom, study room with internet access, bathroom with large bath tub, a flat screen television and a Hi-Fi system. Antique Balinese and hand woven silk with gold and silver thread used as a bed mat to complement the atmosphere of luxury in the resort. The interior design, Antono Cittero was accidentally imported from Italy to create a very intimate and elegant.

To be able to Bulgari Resort Bali, does not allow you to use a car, because it is situated on a cliff. Therefore the Bulgari Resort Bali provides helicopter and helipad in some villas.

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