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The desire to snack is usually quite large when traveling. Whether it’s a fad, or is bored on the trip because of hunger.

Often the foods we choose to snack is not far away from snacks such as potato chips, wafers, chocolates, or cookies. These foods have high levels of sugar, salt and high calories, so it is not the right choice if you want to maintain stamina and energy during the trip.

Start to get used to prepare healthy snacks for traveling. Be it by land, sea or air. Reported She Knows, the following four food can be healthy snacks that you can kudap during the trip. Not only good for you, but also children.

1. Cut Vegetables
When traveling, you can still insufficient intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals of vegetables. In order to more easily eat on the go, cut in small sizes and place them in an airtight container. Cut the carrots into cubes and cucumber in thin slices like potato chips. Include cherry tomatoes. In addition it was fresh, small form easily packaged and eaten in the car or bus.
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HOLIDAY does not just mean spending time in a place with family or relatives, but also the time where you can enjoy the day without pressure. Quite often you run into problems because the holidays are some things that should be avoided. For that consider a few things below:

Thoroughness and maturity of the preparation is the key to the success of the holiday. Adjust your time schedule vacation spot. Find out when the right time for a visit. It is impossible for your holiday fun memperloleh if going with minimal readiness.

Make sure the number of members who participated
It is important to know how many people will go on vacation. This is related to the amount of food should be provided and the capacity of the vehicle. You can not just let anyone join the group because it will mepengaruhi expenditure factor.

Determine the location of holiday
You have to think of a place which will be visited to spend a holiday. It is advisable to make a list of recreation that you and your family or relatives want to spend time together.
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jazz boatPRAHA is a city with amazing scenery. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of this historic Czech capital, you can do in the Jazz Boat, a ship that will take you down the river Vitava are on the right and left march beautiful buildings. You will be taken through the bridge famous Charles Bridge with Prague Castle as the scenery on the right. Pamper your eyes while enjoying a refreshing drink and listen to music from the best local jazz band in Prague.

Jazz Boat Itineraries Cechuv Bridge begins with a journey time of about 2.5 hours. You also can enjoy the view from the building of Charles University, Rudolfinum Theatre, Manesuv Bridge, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and National Theatre. Jazz Boat is equipped with restaurants and bars offering a wide selection of food and beverages. Artifacts dinner package which consists of three types of cuisine choices, welcome drink, dams Jazz appearance. This can be for both and in groups.

Deck inside an arena while smoking rooms on top deck can be used as an arena of smoking. At the bottom of the deck, where the jazz band playing, can accommodate 75 people. To the top deck is only used if the weather is good and here it can also accommodate 75 people.

Programs that are available Jazz Boat Prague can be ordered as a gift voucher for someone, such as birthdays, celebrations of success, graduation, engagement or wedding gift.

boat quayBoat Quay and Clarke Quay in Singapore is a place that should not be missed to visit. Region filled with restaurants, pubs and clubs, as well as other entertainment venues. It seems a lot of visitors coming in who want to feel the atmosphere of a romantic dinner. The second condition places somewhat crowded, and visitors will be accompanied by a variety of music, ranging from loud music to jazz to remedy the liver. Not a few foreign tourists were seen spending time here.

Boat Quay
Is a collection of the best places where visitors can enjoy a meal in the open space right next to the Singapore River. There is a wide choice of cafes, restaurants, pubs and designer galleries. Formerly this place is a port of the most crowded. But now transformed into a hangout for locals and foreigners.

Clarke Quay
Located on the banks of the river which combines an arena where food, shopping and entertainment in one area. There are five blocks of housing and shops. There are also specialty restaurants, some themed pubs and wine bars. Enjoy the food choices at Riverside Point.

burj al arabDEVELOPMENT tourist business using amazing architecture building, now used as a value-added in the competition to attract tourists. Not to forget the Hotel Burj Al Arab architecture of the building will serve as a symbol of the life of the metropolis such as Dubai desert country.

Burj Al Arab or the means ‘Tower of the Arabs’ not simply a hotel’s most famous, but also included in the ranks of the world’s most expensive hotel. The building is located on a small artificial island, in Jumeirah Beach, approximately 15km from Dubai city and 280m from the mainland which is connected with the dock. When ranking the best hotels only reach the stage of a five star hotel, the hotel is described as seven-star hotel. Architectural elegance and charm of this expensive hotel looks like a typical single-screen poster boat Arabic.

Hotel has 28 floors with 202 rooms that are divided into categories of Deluxe Suites, Panoramic Suites, Club Suites and Royal Suites. Luxury hotel is also visible from the helicopter pad facility for special guests who are on the roof of the building.

Creative Burj Al Arab was built in 1999 and cost more than 2 billion U.S. dollars. The idea to realize the building is obtained from the officials of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This luxury hotel offers guests an exceptional combination of traditional hospitality will be with modern technology.