green canyonPangandaran not only offers many attractions such as Pangandaran Beach, Pantai Batu Hiu, and Pantai Batu Karas. Here too there is also an attraction called the Green Canyon.

Previously, this place is named Cukang Taneuh meaning as the land bridge over the valley and ravine Green Canyon there is a bridge of land used by local farmers. However Ditahun 1993, a French citizen who popularized the name of the Green Canyon may be inspired from the flow of the river where the green is visible Tosca.

Located in the Village District Kertayasa Cijulang, Green Canyon attraction is the flow of the river Cijulang passing through the cave and flanked by two hills. Here too there are many rocks and lush trees that add to the perfection of this place.

Travel to the location of the Green Canyon takes about 30-45 minutes. Visitors can start the journey from Pier Ciseureuh and continued with the course of using outboard boat or paddle a lot available there. The distance from the pier to a location approximately along the 3 km. Boat rental price is Rp 75.000/perahu to the capacity of 5 persons.

With the river long enough, allowing for visitors to swim as much as he traced the flow of the waterfall. Not only the scenery is beautiful above the water surface, underwater scenery where there are no less beautiful in puddles of water that can be traced and there are various fish that swim back and forth based depths. If you want to challenge adrenaline, visitors can jump from a large stone with a height of 5 feet to the bottom of it.

Additional information we get from, which visitors can also enter the Cave of the Green Canyon to enjoy the waterfall Palatar kacantikan. On the side there is a stalactite and stalagmite caves that continually dripping so that this area is called the region of perpetual rain. Inside the cave visitors also can swim using a float

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