darwinDARWIN worthy of being one of the adorable new option for the Vacation in the saturated market of tourism in Asia. Annoyance, because tourism is such a diverse choice, with unspoiled natural conditions by many eyes. The city is flanked on three sides the ocean, namely the Timor Sea, Arafuru Sea and Indian Ocean. Founded in 1869, Darwin became the capital of the State of Northern Territory in Australia with an area of ??112.01 square kilometers.

End of February 2011, the Media Indonesia chance visited Darwin in Darwin event Familirization Trip (Darwin Fam Trip), along with some fellow journalists in Asia, Communications Manager of PT Indonesia Air Asia (AAI) Audrey Progastama, and representatives of Tourism Northern Territory (Northern Territory Tourism Office) Raul Kohli.

“We just opened a Bali-Darwin route with Airbus A320, since February 23, 2010. Working closely with Tourism Northern Territory, we want to introduce further Darwin to the Indonesian people,” said Audrey.

Air Asia flies daily to Darwin. Aircraft take off at 23:50 pm from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, Indonesia, and arrive at 04.00 at Darwin International Airport. The time difference between Jakarta and Darwin, 2.5 hours.

The city was originally ordained as the northernmost port in Australia in 1869. World War II put Darwin on the map as a key ally of the military base for troops fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. The proof can be found on the Tiwi Islands, one of the largest Aboriginal communities, indigenous peoples of Australia.

TN Litchfield

In addition to the Tiwi Islands, Darwin still has a number of natural tourist sites are challenging to be explored, such as Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Nitmiluk National Park and Arnhem Land. Kakadu is one of the wonders of the world is amazing and can only be reached by a special air transport, such as helicopters.

However, Litchfield is equally amazing. National park of 1,500 square kilometers can be taken about 2 hours from Darwin. The park is home to several types of habitats typical of the State of Northern Territory, including lush rain forests, ant mounds house up to 7 meters tall, unique rock formations and waterfalls.

The main magnet is the Litchfield National Park waterfalls Florence, Tolmer, and Wangi. The latter, Wangi waterfall, very beautiful because visitors can see the direct flow of water that slide on two sides of the hill from close range.

After tasting the open air, it felt incomplete if not tested the five-foot market in Darwin. Traditional Market Village initials, for example, which is open only on Saturdays, starting at 08:00 to 14:00.

In that market, the traders using umbrella tent. As done Jarek, seller Kangaroo leather products, animal species found only in Australia.

He admitted that he had 10 years of living in Darwin. “Originally I’m from the Czech Republic. I feel at home here.”

Increasingly sunny afternoon. Raul Kohli, our guide from the Tourism Northern Territory, recommend, satay, or Indonesian-style satay as our lunch menu. “This includes your favorite foods in markets initials, lo,” he said.

In the hubbub of the market, we also found the satay is Raul. The only vendor in Pasar sate initials.

“I helped sell my wife, Ima, Indonesian people,” said Douglas, the satay seller, while engrossed in flutter-ngipas satay lamb being roasted. The use of woven bamboo fan-like fan satay seller in Indonesia.

The eyes are satisfied, a full stomach. So what are you waiting? Brothels to Darwin with a wide selection and atmosphere are worth trying. Especially for you who like camping in the open. (M-1)


1. Together with Indonesia Climate Darwin. Top of tourists to Darwin occurred in April-December, when rainfall is not too high.

2. Indonesia Air Asia provide a very special price for Bali-Darwin route, starting from A $ 99, including tax costs. Booking tickets online via the website only to Air Asia, www.airasia.com.

3. It takes a letter of sponsorship from work or school, for those who want to travel to Australia, especially Darwin.

4. For your convenience, use the tour and travel agents accredited to the Australian government. See the green checkmark on the existing brochure.

5. Bring a camera, backpack (small soft bag), lotions antiserangga, penghalau sun glasses, hats, and enough drinking water to prevent dehydration. Also the necessary medicines.

6. Want to buy a souvenir of the Aborigines? Several shops along Mitchell Road, Knuckey, and Pallmerston provide collections of knick-knacks Darwin. The shops were open at 09.00 and closed at 17.00 local time.

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