WHEN plesiran to the park to play (theme park) would you rely on to know what types of games or maps and location. However, the map that you do not need anymore when visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Because the service is already integrated into a cell phone.

The application, called Disney Mobile Magic is the latest version of the previous applications, know-it-all. However, applications that cost less than two dollars can only be used by Verizon Wireless customers. By using this application, you will know where the game, and descriptions of games that are suitable for children or for adults. They also obtained information on the extent of the danger of the game.

This application can work with the help of GPS technology in mobile phones. Thus, this service can only be useful if the phone has adopted GPS technology.

In addition to knowing the places the game, this application can also be used to locate various restaurants, the best resort hotel and shuttle bus routes are located at each tour location.

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