2011_01_24_04_12_29_MarYou NEED to know that in this Mexican fishing village there are many simple accommodations. Want to know where the place? The following attachments that we can from the page www.sayulita.com:

1. Junto al Rio Bungalows
This is one of the three-star accommodation and cheap quiet around the coast. Junto al Rio has 5 traditional suites, such as Bungalow , Mengle , Palmera , Parota¬† and Almendro. All rooms bungalows and suites have sea views and fresh sea breeze all year round. Uniquely virtually most of the rooms in this place given the roof “palapa” (palm leaves) and decorated with original paintings are colorful.

Bungalow junto al Rio is located right in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. More info can be found at www.juntoalrio.com.

2. Casa Vista del Mar
There is another place of lodging in Sayulita Bungalow style like junto al Rio, namely Casa Vista del Mar. But unfortunately, Casa Vista del Mar has no suites but one housing unit is equipped with five bedrooms only. Perhaps the building is more likely as a three-story villa with a dining room designed overlooking the beach areas, forests and village Sayulita.

House rents four stars are between Rp 4, 4 million to Rp 5.2 million per home. Casa Vista del Mar, also located in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

3. Casa Santander
Casa Santander are in the area of Papa’s Palapas Beach, Sayulita, Nayarit. This is a place of lodging in the form of bungalows and suites at the front of the beach for surfing exclusive. Casa Santander divided into three spaces special. For the bedroom bungalow can be rented at a price Rp681 thousand per person, while for a room at the top and bottom of Rp1, 3 million per person.

The only place that became the main attraction of Santander Casa is located in the area of white sandy beaches of Sayulita.

4. Casa Ola Vista
Casa Ola Vista (Casa Angel) is an old-fashioned house which consists of four blocks above the village of Sayulita. So from this altitude, you can see the view of the city, bay and surrounding beaches. To rent a house, at least you have to fish money amounting to Rp1, 1 million.

5. Vila Casa Milagros
Do you also want to practice golf while in Sayulita? If so, just to book a room at Villa Casa Milagros. Prices per villa here has been set at Rp 5, 1 million. Another activity you can do in Villa Casa Milagros is a play bike, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, swimming and playing water on the beach.

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