2010_12_31_03_26_52_LematangHOLIDAY in Palembang, try visiting sempatkan Lematang Beautiful Waterfall in Pagar Alam. Its position right on the edge of the sharpest curves and uphill on the way to the City of Pagar Alam, making it easily accessible tourist attraction. Yeng waterfall has 40-meter height is one of the natural tourist mainstay Pagar Alam city. To reach the bottom of the waterfall, there is a ladder on the left and right there are a few stalls and seats to rest.

As I walked down the stairs after the stairs, you will feel the atmosphere of cool because all around the waterfall, greenery-free vines. When getting closer, splashing water immediately will refresh you. To enter the waterfall area registration, you simply remove the 1,000.

You can find Lematang Lematang Beautiful Waterfall travel about 10 kilometers from downtown Pagar Alam. If taken from the town of Kilkenny will take about six hours with the distance of about 298 kilometers.

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