2010_11_19_08_36_35_ManganVISIT to be a culinary festival pleasure for many people. Moreover, if the packaging is made more unique and more interesting. Here are 10 of the world’s most unique culinary festival which we have quoted from page listverse.com:

1. Annual Lettuce Festival, Yuma
Contest of the world’s largest lettuce you can only see in Yuma, Arizona, United States. The festival recently performed on 23-25 January 2009. Yuma known as ‘The Winter Lettuce Capital of the World’, which means 90% as a provider of vegetables in North America and the farm income of $ 1.5 billion. One of the places that can illustrate that the Yuma became the center of the lettuce is a statue of Lettuce Veggie Fair.

2. Olney Pancake Race, England
Pancakes culinary tradition has become a major concern for local women in Olney, England. They gathered wearing simple clothes (skirt, apron and head covering) and run as far as 415 meters along the city streets carrying a frying pan containing the pancakes. During the game started, each participant is required to tossing pancakes until ending at the finish line. Who is the fastest he’s the winner. This game has recently performed on February 14, 2010 last.

Pancake is a thin cake made of batter and cooked on hot griddle. Usually I make this cake in a way thrown back and forth and on top sprinkled with meat or fruit jam.

3. Carnival Vilanova i La Geltru, Spain
Initially this annual festival gets a ban from the Franco regime, but in time they even became famous in the world. Various cakes, breads and other sweet foods deliberately used as a tool to fight the local residents. This celebration is the last time on February 14, 2010 as a greeter day Easter is usually a small ceremony sow dikahiri with food in the streets. The total spent on food during the carnival of Vilanova i La Geltru  £ 200,000.

4. Ivrea Orange Festival War, Italy
Like the tomato war (La Tomantina) in Spain, in Italy there is also the first war conducted orange since the 12th century. The tradition of throwing oranges are usually done by the girls from the upper balcony before eventually returned the young man who is running, they (the girls) just want to get special attention from a man who wanted to was seeing.

The festival recently performed on 25 to 28 February 2010.

5. Waikiki Spam Jam, America
Waikiki Spam Jam is a festival of people that love with Hawaiian food products canned meat. As the largest organizers of this festival, the largest meat company Hormel Foods Spam in Hawaii to make the promo at all grocery stores, restaurants and some homes in Hawaii. This street festival featuring free entertainment events and various works of the craftsmen of Hawaii. While the show a peak centered at Restaurants Hawaii.

Wakiki are local meat supplier in Hawaii, USA.

6. Gilroy Garlic Festival, American
Gilroy Garlic Festival Garlic Festival or this Gilory annually draw more than 100,000 visitors in California, USA. In this festival the participants are invited to do cooking demonstrations and an understanding of the benefits of garlic for health. Various works of garlic produced very unique. There is a form of ice cream, cake and soft drinks are also garlic. To organize Gilory Garlic Festival which took place on 24 to 26 July 2009, the committee set up at least as much as 72 tons of garlic.

7. Roadkill Cook-off, American
Do not be surprised if you see people in Marlington, South Virginia, America looks a bit ‘wild’. They actually only make a game that made festival by eating or run over a variety of animals that are not real. Some animals are often used in their creations are deer, rabbit, raccoon or other wild animal species.

8. World Pea Shooting Championship, England
Be careful with inflatable festival this bean. In addition to injure another person, you can also injured in retaliatory attacks by the opponent of your own. People in Witcham, Cambridgeshire, UK festivals are often held the World Pea Shooting Championship.

For those of you (adults) who want to see this competition, the entry fee will be charged at  £ 1.00 (Rp14 thousand) and the children of  £ 0.50 .

9. Annual Testicle Festival, USA
Annual Testicle Festival, known as Mountain Oyster Festival is a showcase race eating fried bull testicles (Bullshit Bingo) in Clinton, Montana, United States of America’s most festive. One of the highlights of this festival is to get the money for $ 100  for the race winner.

10. Noche de Rabanos, Mexico
This festival originated from the 16th century when Spanish monks brought the plants roots, like radishes and so forth. Then this tradition continued throughout the centuries and became an official festival of Mexico in 1987.

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