North Sumatra, apparently saving the tourism potential of affection seemed to miss. As an alternative your vacation destination, this region is believed to be able to compete in Bali with the consideration of this area adjacent to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

As the center of regional government of North Sumatra, Medan grown into a metropolitan city with a population of approximately 2.5 million people, most of the population is tribal Batak and the Malays. The rest of Java, Aceh, and ethnic Chinese and Indians. Now Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. Office buildings and shopping malls grow like mushrooms in the rainy season. One of the privileges the city of Medan is a motor rickshaw or pedicab more familiar with machines that add to the splendor of this city.

To reach the capital region this field, can be reached by land, sea and air. Medan has Airport (Airport) International Polonia located 4 km from the city center, Indonesias third largest sea port, Belawan, located 25 km north of Medan. In addition, having two inter-city bus terminal is Terminal Pinang Line Terminal in the north and south of Sand Field.

In Medan met many old-fashioned European-style buildings remaining Dutch Colonial and the region known as Kesawan. In the north there Kesawan Independence Square. Around this place there are several ancient buildings such as City Hall, BankIndonesia, PT. London Sumatra, Hotel Dharma Deli and a suspension bridge (titi suspension) under which there is the Railway Station Medan. There is also a historic antique buildings of the Central Post Office in Medan that still remain operational. If you are taking the time to enjoy the atmosphere of the night the city of Medan, in areas where there Kesawan biggest night snack market in Medan, you can enjoy all kinds of foods that are ready to be served by the penjajanya. In Kesawan also (Jl. Ahmad Yani) this you can find various types of souvenirs that show the genuine hallmark of North Sumatra.

Tourist objects that can be found in Medan is the palace which is the result of the legacy of Dutch colonial era. Tourist objects of art is very beautiful and very characteristic of the architecture of a building like the palace of ancient europe. This tourist attraction is located on Jl. Brigjend Katamso, Medan. In addition there is also the Masjid Raya Medan, who have a high artistic blend of art and magnificent, making it look very elegant mosques. Location of the Grand Mosque in Medan you can find on Jl. S.M. King, Medan.

Tanah Karo could be your next destination is about 78 km from Medan. One of the places you can visit at Tanah Karo is Brastagi, situated at an altitude of about 4594 feet above sea level and surrounded by mountain ranges, has the cool air with a beautiful stretch of farm fields, broad and green. Berastagi is a popular tourist destination that has a complete facility. Brastagi also known by the nickname of Passion Fruit & Orange Sweet. From here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and Mount Sibayak Sinabung which are both still active.

Enough with three to four hour trip into the forest on Mount Sibayak good to see the natural wealth of flora and fauna. In addition to fruit – fruit, Berastagi, also known as various types of vegetables – vegetables, fruit – fruits and flowers – flowers. In this city of tourism is often held several events, such as the Feast of Fruits and Flowers Festival Culture Festival-juah Mejuah held every year. Tanah Karo has a tradition of hereditary Work done of the Year, held every year by people who lived in Karo area or who had to leave.

There are many alternatives to reach Tanah Karo from Medan, namely: Sembahe is one path-Berastagi Medan highway about 35 km from Medan can be applied for 45 minutes by motor vehicle from the city of Medan, about 15 minutes drive from Sembahe, you arrive at Sibolangit which is approximately 40 km from Medan. Along the way will be seen Forest Tourism was previously a botanical garden (plants) located on the slopes of the Bukit Barisan mountain range the valve is very cool. Small streets in the rain forest is useful for the dismissal of the tourists, both local and from abroad. Along this road can also be found in the huts of durian that can be utilized as a place to rest while eating durian.

Bandar Baru, a small town approximately 47 km from Medan to Berastagi direction, has the air is cool and comfortable fit for the holiday weekend; Penatapen / scenery is a place-Berastagi Medan road trajectory close to the border between the Deli Serdang, Karo. In this place is often used as a halt for a moment for people who are tired of the way while enjoying the warmth of the corn on the cob and roasted corn. From here we can look toward the New Airport and Singapore, could also see Sikulikap waterfalls and hiking route to Mount Sibayak.

Across Lake Toba, you certainly will stop at Pulau Samosir, an island located in the middle of a lake next to your destination. Although small numbered, Samosir regency has the potential areas in the field of landscape-based tourism, spiritual tourism, agricultural tourism, cultural tourism and the waters of Lake Toba.

Tuk-Tuk Like Siadong areas, natural beauty of the landscape presents a lot of local and foreign tourists visited the country. Problem accommodation, this area provides a means of star-class accommodation. Tomok, is the burial site of King Sidabutar, this cemetery for hundreds of years old. Siallagan a Batak village location with a stone court (the court) and the place of execution which is right in the middle of the village. Simanindo Batak village is the location with the museum that contains relics of ancient items and historic.

On the island of Samosir there are also Hot Water / Warm Aek (Hot Spring) situated in the crater of Mount Pusuk Buhit. Water that comes out is a sulfur hot springs are believed to cure various skin diseases. Tano Biogas is an area that connects the island of Samosir Island and Sumatera Island. There Lagundi Beach along the east coast of Samosir Island. This white sandy beach that is perfect for camping ground and youth tourism. A tower loomed over the surrounding buildings. From the tower, called Tower View Tele located in a mountainous area on the other side of the island of Samosir is you can see the shape of Samosir Island in its entirety.

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