Skytrax announced the list of 10 best airports in the world . This year , Changi Airport in Singapore was ranked first beat Incheon in Seoul , Hong Kong , Tokyo , and even London . Changi Airport in Singapore for the second time bearing the title of World’s Best Airport by Skytrax version . The airport received an award in the event the 2014 World Airport Awards held at the Passenger Terminal EXPO , Barcelona , Spain .

” Winning the award for the second consecutive year , Changi Airport proves to the traveler that this is not just an airport , ” said Edward Plaisted , CEO of Skytrax. In the same event , Changi Airport also won the Best Airport for Leisure Amenities because of the facilities and entertainment at all terminals . Access from one terminal to another terminal was easy because of the Skytrain .

Changi Airport beat Incheon International Airport in Seoul , South Korea which ranks 2nd . Furthermore, there is Munich Airport in Munich , Germany . Two final ranking is occupied by Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver , Canada and London Heathrow Airport in London , England . World Airport Awards held 12.85 million traveler based on a survey of 110 countries , the number of airports as much as 410 .

Here are 10 best airport in the world in 2014 :

1 . Singapore Changi Airport , Singapore
2 . Incheon International Airport , South Korea
3 . Munich Airport , Germany
4 . Hong Kong International Airport , Hong Kong
5 . Amsterdam Schiphol Airport , Netherlands
6 . Tokyo International Airport Haneda Airport , Japan
7 . Beijing Capital International Airport , China
8 . Zurich Airport , Switzerland
9 . Vancouver International Airport , Canada
10 . London Heathrow Airport , England

Traveling into the wild and see the stars in the sky is a natural thing. But in New Zealand, you not only see the stars in the sky. Glimpses of tourists also can see in the cave. How so? Waitomo Glowworm is the name of the limestone caves in New Zealand is famous as the place looking at the stars. This magical cave outside Waitomo, North Island, New Zealand. This is one of the tourist destinations are very popular there.

Imagine, entered into a tourist can not only see the beauty of the stalactite cave fill. You will be amazed by the sheen of light that is in the ceiling. Just like a sparkling star in the sky. Although referred to like a star, this is not a real star. Investigate should investigate, it turns out that light comes from the Latin name Arachnocampa worms luminosa. In the darkness, the animal will produce a light green and blue. This cave apparently first discovered in 1887. At that time, a British surveyor wanted to explore the cave accompanied by local residents as well as Maori chief, Tane Tinorau.

At first, Tane Tinorau really have to know the existence of the cave, but had never gone deep inside. Eventually, he and British surveyors to explore the inside of the cave. Both made a raft and cross the river in the cave. So what is gained both very surprising. They see there is a lot of light shining in the sky cave, like a star. Suddenly both fascinated. Aware of the uniqueness of the Waitomo Caves, finally in 1889, Tane Tinorau cave opened for tours. He and his wife became a guide at that time. Charges levied to tourists is very small. Only later in 1906, the cave administration was taken over by the government.

If you’re curious, you can visit directly to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Later, every tourist who comes will be invited to ride a boat and cross the river in the 250-meter cave. Travelers will be made amazed by the beauty of limestone cave, complete with stalactites in it. You will be mesmerized by the glow worms that live in the cave ceiling. A tour guide will also accompany this cave. They will give information about caves to all participants of the tour, including the history of the cave.

There are more cures for the business of life than an expensive two week holiday. Your hometown is to the full of amazing sights and sounds that you, with a bit of creativity and know-how, can turn into the perfective tense getaway.

1. Jungle Expidition
There are many parts of your hometown that are doomed as parks. Many of these areas offer up hangs back in good condition for walking or hiking. The animals you control during the sidereal day will be contrary from those at night. If you go at night, make sure to look out a scary movie beforehand but remember to get along a flashlight.

2. Fishing Trip
First, a word of warning. Make sure to get through your local wildlife and game department for fishing reports coming to to your area first. In some cases it’s contraband to Pisces the Fishes in a higher place a certain number of fish, but you can acquire around this employing the catch and release method if you’re not breaking to eat the fish but only catch them for sport. If you’re blessed decent to live close-fitting to the ocean, you’ll be able to enjoy a easygoing fishing trip to the local pier, fell out by a reposeful dinner.

3. Camping
The entire family can delight a weekend at a local anesthetic campsite. This may even be the complete fourth dimension to draw the RV for unmatchable last time before summer is over. Best of all, you’ll be able to bash this with no of the punctuate of a long distance trip. Your destination is right there.

4. Dining Out
There are probably deals of restauraunts that you’ve believed of going to, but never did. Now is your chance! Also, do not headache more or less the costs – if you budget showing wisdom, price is never an issue. You should budget for a topical anesthetic lam in the same know-how that you do for a full blown travel getaway.

Over time, you’ll never feel bored with your partner. Apparently, you can also restore the romance of traveling solo to perform. Want to know how? A survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, found that over the holiday weekend could lead to a romantic feel in a relationship, rather than giving a gift of material. Of 1,100 adult respondents in the United States, 72 percent stated that traveling can improve your sex life and strengthen romance with a partner.

Here are 4 ideas that can restore the romance holiday you and your spouse:

1. Do a spontaneous journey
One of the benefits of traveling with family is possessed more benyaknya time spent together. Traveling allows you to chat, connect and rediscover your love feelings and him. Take a trip is the ideal way to enjoy a long chat with friends while exploring the world.

Choose a travel destination that can be taken more than two or three hours from home. Several hours in a vehicle can be very enjoyable for you both. However, if it is too long it can cause boredom. Look for a small town in your area that offer special terms, such as restaurants, historic sites, or tour. Let the journey makes you feel free and excited. Turn on the radio, provide food in the car, open the car window, and you can do a lot of activities during the trip.

2. Perform inspiring journey
Heritage sites look beautiful is one way a romantic getaway. You do not have to travel far to get inspiration from something beautiful. Many areas that have a destination gallery or a museum. Spend the afternoon with friends at the art museum. Take time to discuss one interesting artwork you both. That’s where you can get inspiration to live your relationship. You and your partner can also purchase any of the works of art which are sold at the gallery. Read the rest of this entry »

Climb the mountain usually means having to survive with food packaging. However, it is not the case in China. Here there is a restaurant attached to the mountain cliffs. Dare to eat there?

On one mountain in Hubei Province, about 12 km to the north of Yichang City, you can really feel fine dining on the cliff side. Located in Happy Valley Xiling Gorge, hanging Fangweng restaurant offers views of the surrounding nature for the brave adventurers menjajakinya.

With a dull brick building as a gateway, restaurant Fangweng not be underestimated. Once you enter the restaurant, you can enjoy the unique new Chinese cuisine while admiring the natural beauty of the Xiling Gorge.

But be careful if you are afraid of heights, because there is a concrete bridge 30 meters long depending on the side of a vertical cliff overlooking the Yangtze River that will become your nightmare. Fortunately, there is a metal fence that you can hold while walking toward the restaurant.

The bridge leads to the dining room on the side of a cliff. The room was warmly lit by traditional Chinese hanging from the ceiling, along with furniture decoration China.

The tunnel itself is a sight to behold. But the main attraction of the restaurant Fangwen are two concrete balcony, visitors can see all the wonders of Happy Valley or watch the bungee jumpers attraction when they jump off the local bridge.

Fangweng restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional food specialties, made from fresh fish, ducks, pigs, and even a turtle, both doused in seasoning vegetables or spicy with pepper or chili powder. Although you are not a lover of Chinese food, eating food in place